Monday, July 23, 2012

Let the demo begin...

We're starting a major project today...the master bathroom remodel.  We're totally excited and equally anxious about this undertaking.  I mean, don't get me wrong...WE'RE not doing the remodel.  We're hiring professionals, however, WE'RE doing the designing and choosing of stuff, so the pressure is still on (not to mention, we write the checks).  Here are some before shots I took last night after we moved all our our crap stuff out of our space into the kids' bathroom.  Since I occupy space in the lower half of our closet, which is connected to our bathroom and will therefore be getting new flooring, I moved all my stuff into Sam's closet (thanks buddy).  Too bad my running shoes were in there this morning which meant I couldn't meet the girls at 6am for our Monday run.  (Yeah, too bad.  Zzzzzzz...)

Do you remember phone booths? Yeah, this shower is SMALLER than one of those. And if you were one of my UW Alpha Phi sorority sisters...this is SMALLER than the showers in the APhi house. The blue painters tape shows the approx. dimensions of the new shower. That left wall will be made into a "pony wall" with glass on the top half, and the doorway will be shifting to allow for the bigger space.
The toilet faces the above shower. The right wall will also become a pony wall. This shower/toilet room will become WAY brighter due to two new can lights and the pony walls allowing in natural light from the skylight (above the tub).

Our Olympic-sized tub will be replaced by a smaller, rectangular tub. Say good-bye to the mauve sinks and dressing room lighting, folks.

Picture sinks moved to the left a bit and equally centered in the new vanity. Cabinets will be dark brown (Java), sinks will be white (thank God) and rectangular. Two mirrors will be hung with 3 sconces flanking them.

Later today...
Just got home from a mind-blowing adventure in choosing (and purchasing) tile for the floor, shower and tub surround.  Thank you to our awesome, self-proclaimed, "Tile Guy" for helping me "shop".

After that, I made the final selection and purchase of the tub, sinks, faucets and shower heads/valves.

I'm pretty sure VISA will be calling any minute about "unusual activity" on my credit card this afternoon.

Demo update:
The only thing left to rip out is the vanity and mirror you see directly above.  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

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rachel said...

Oh hell YES. your changes are going to be awesome.