Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Editing Photos

So I've been playing around in Picasa, my photo editor.  By trial and error, and by friends' trials and errors, I've been able to figure out how to create collages so that my pictures line up better in my posts.  Plus, I can define them with the grid lines.  I think this really helps them stand out. 

Today's fun adventure has been figuring out how to make my own "watermark". That's what real photographers "stamp" onto their photos to show ownership of them. What do you think?
I ALSO learned how to retouch using Picasa, so I could "wipe" Sam's nose, and take the ketchup streak off Jane's chin. Totally awwwwwe-some! I also played with some effects to dial up or down colors, B&W effects, and soft focus.

It's certainly not perfect, but I'm learning a ton and having fun.  THAT's the point.

And stay tuned as my new Speed Light arrived on Thursday and I'll be shooting with it tonight.  The kids are already SO over their "Mamarazzi".

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

You really had to be there.

I only say that because I'm not sure I can do this story justice.

So there we were at the Mariner game. It was pretty slow going, well, until the randoms started. The first guy hopped over the rail right next to us (behind 3rd base) and made it half way to center field before being full-on tackled by 3 security guys. Then the cops came, cuffed him, and led him off the field kicking his feet like he was dancing a freakin' jig.

After a little while, the 2nd guy ran out, though we're not sure of his access point. He too, was rocked in center field.

Oh think that's it? Oh heck no. Remember in "The Hangover" when the guy jumps out of the trunk of the car? Yeah, that buck naked guy? That was our 3rd entertainer of the night. BUCK A$$ naked. That drunken nutball (pardon the puns), entered via the 1st baseline, so yep, we got FULL FRONTAL people. Oh my gosh. He made it to 2nd base where he was LAID OUT by 4 security dudes. And we're not talking outfield grass, folks. This was the infield people! They shielded him until someone came out with some towels which they somehow put around him. Right before they got him off the field, he shimmied his way out of the towels. Classic.

The game went 12 innings and the M's won. Best game I've ever been to. Wait. Who were we playing?

This was the 4th guy. SO not as funny, but just as drunk.

And the funniest part?
Brett almost took Charlotte.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Sasquatch Award

After reading 4 distinguished Sasquatch award winning books, Charlotte received her Sasquatch Award this morning. I was fortunate enough to attend the morning assembly before heading to work to see her acknowledged in front of her school. She is so proud to have accomplished this goal. The other highlight was her bestie, Jadyn, also received the award. What a great morning celebrating great kids!
Way to go Charlotte! We love you!

Charlotte & Jadyn: reading machines

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Monday, May 23, 2011

She's doing it!

And she's trying SO hard!
Great job Janey!

YouTube Video

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Veggie Tales

Free shows, weekdays at the Fircrest Tot Lot.

YouTube Video

A to the K

Sam. He's the man.

If you don't know Sam well, this will tell you everything.

If you do know Sam, you get shows like this all the time.

Either way, enjoy.

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Blogging on the go

Thanks to my wonderful husband, I have an awesome app which allows me to post photos and videos directly to my blog from my phone. However, it's not recognizing my YouTube acct, but I'm working on it.


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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jane's 5 (plus)

Jane just might be the easiest kid to photograph, like, ever.  Plus, she's DAMN cute.
(I am Jane's mother, and I approve this message.)

I wasn't joking, right?

Say cheese! No seriously. Do it! Or I'm gonna...

We've been going to our photographer for YEARS!!  She's amazing.  We first met her when Charlotte was a baby, and we took her to Yuen Lui.  Since then, Crystal has opened her own studio, (Crystal Ball Photography) and we make the little trek to Lacey a few times a year for professional pictures.  She's amazing, and here's proof.  A few of my favorites from last weekend's shoot.

Like the bonus ones at the bottom?  Just keepin' it real, yo.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day got off to a great start when we met Grandma & Grandpa Cukamo and Grannie at church.  Charlotte's choir sang a beautiful song called, "From All Generations".  They sang it with Cantate, the women's choir, and were accompanied by both the piano and the bell choir.  Charlotte is on the left in the second row. 

Then we all headed to the Fircrest Golf Course where we encountered many friends and an AMAZING brunch.  My favorite meal is breakfast, and boy did I get my fill!  I think Brett rolled me out of there in a food-coma.  They started out by bringing us little fruit bowls in dry ice.  Isn't it pretty?  My dad was warning the kids not to put their fingers in it or they'd get burned.  Do you think Sam is listening? 
However, Jane looks terrified. :)

With these dishes on every table the room had a very ethereal look to it. 
Extremely elegant.

My dear friend, and fellow "mamarazzi", SuLee, took this photo of us out by the course.  She even stopped mid-shoot to come over and fixed my hair, the girls' hair, etc.  She's such an anal-retentive OCD'er perfectionist, which is only ONE of the jillion reasons I love her so. ;)
My little family I love so much.  How am I old enough to have these big kids?
DO NOT answer that!

The Great Wolf Lodge

 We had a really fun weekend at The Great Wolf Lodge.  The girls brought their own money to buy a souvenir and both came home with cuddly wolf creatures.   


Story time

Off to bed!!!
"Sweet!  Mom NEVER lets me use glue at home!"

After our 2nd day in the park, we showered and headed to the Cub Club to enjoy some more fun kid activities.  Each of the kids had fun drawing and gluing, singing along to Radio Disney, building puzzles and reading books.
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Easter (Eve)

The day before Easter we attended the golf club's annual Kids Easter Party. We had pictures with the Easter bunny himself, whom Sam loved, did crafts and participated in several egg hunts. Cousins Luke & Maria Grace were there too, which made it extra fun!

Luke & Sam.  Dapper dudes.

Charlotte & Maria Grace

Sorry.  This was the best out of 5.

Jane was SO proud of her craft!

Sam thought Jane's butterfly balloon animal was for putting on his
back and flying around.

Happy with his loot.

Easter Journey

A week prior to Easter, my sister had the great idea of getting all our families together to do our own "Easter Journey."  She bought a set of resurrection eggs, and we hid them in the family room.  After the egg hunt, each time we came to their egg in the Easter story, a cousin would show what was in their egg and we recounted Jesus's journey to the cross.  It was so cool to do this as a family and especially awesome to hear parts of the story in the voices of the two big girls (Charlotte & Claire, both 8).  Thanks to  Auntie for this great idea and to Grandma and Grandpa for bringing donuts from Pao's.