Monday, July 16, 2012

Sam Skywalker Turns 4!

On Friday, July 13th, our baby boy turned four years old. Four years old! How did that happen? He's pretty quick to correct his sisters now, "I AM big, I'm FOUR YEARS OLD!"


This was the year of Star Wars.  It all started because we bought him a shirt this winter with the faces of Luke, Han, Yoda, Chewy & Leia on it.  Since then, we've watched the original 3 Star Wars movies as a family, and now the kids are hooked.

He's been taking this Storm Trooper "Guy" with him everywhere.

**Side note:  He's in his swimsuit because we went from here to the pool for the Family Float Night.  It was fun to celebrate his actual birthday with such a great event, dinner and rootbeer floats!

These Star Wars pajammas were a huge score.  They came with a yoda "muscle shirt" too.

Sam's been jealous of the girls' robes.

Well not anymore.

Darth Sammers

Pretty proud of myself here.  Costco made the Cake and did the writing.  Mom used the Force and drew her own Yoda, Darth and Lightsaber.
We continued the Star Wars theme with gold and black vinyl tablecloths and balloons.  I glued my own stars on the table and made my own "food labels" using free Star Wars fonts I downloaded from the world wide web.  We dined on Darth Dogs w/ Leia Buns, Cheese Sabers (string cheese), Patatooine Salad (potato), Darth Cheddar (Cheez-Its), Princess Lays (potato chips) & Yoda Soda (punch made w/ lime sherbet & 7-up).

We had a great time celebrating the little man and can't believe we've already sped through 4 years.
Sam, you bring us such joy, laughter & great "Sam-isms".  You're a sweet, smart, handsome, loving boy.  You are tremendously loved and cherished by your mom, dad and sisters.  Thank you for bringing Star Wars into our home.

Love, Mom

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