Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Vacation Miscellany

Family Time Fun In Arizona
February, 2012
These are decorative statues in the backyard.  Bet no one thought they'd double for a play structure someday. 
The kids bathe the horses, ride them, go on make-believe trips with them.  Hilarious.
The girls made a finish line for Uncle Ward and Mom when we returned from our nine mile run alive.
Mom & Charlotte  (See?  I was actually on the trip.)
Grandpa Kiehl & Janey
Grandma Kiehl & Janey
Janey and her daddy
Uncle Ward & Charlotte
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Children's Museum of Phoenix

Museum Family Fun In Arizona
February, 2012

We were fortunate enough to visit the Children's Museum of Phoenix last year, and the kids couldn't WAIT to go again this year.  "The Climber" is a three story amazing structure that the kids spent tons of time exploring.  This picture shows you "the angel", as Sam called it, but if you click on the link you can see photos on their website.  It's pretty incredible.

Sam was thankful his Biggest Sissy took him around the climber.
The only one I can get to pose for me.  But what a charmer!
What do you think happened next?
Checking out.
Grandma Kiehl & Charlotte
Guido, making pizza in the "texture cafe".
Riding trikes through the car wash.
She needs a red nose and big, red shoes.
This is just mesmerizing to Sam.
See what I mean?
Sam climbed up here so he could put balls on the "track" and watch them follow the switchbacks dinging bells, keys,
wind chimes, etc.

Mom ventures into the climber.
"Yes, Mommy!"
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Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

Wild Family Fun In Arizona
February, 2012
 We'd been too the Phoenix zoo a couple times, (which is fabulous) but we'd never ventured
Northwest one hour to this place.  IT. WAS. HUGE.  I swear it had every exotic bird you
could think of (and not think of).  There were zebras, tigers, warthogs, penguins,
white crocodiles (or were they alligators?), dragons, a petting zoo and more!

Two coolest dudes at the zoo.

Seriously, the best I could do for a picture of this threesome.  Impossible I tell you.
Oh yeah, we ate lunch right next to the flamingos.  No biggie.
Yes, I've told Jane's legs to stop growing please.
They clearly love each other.  (I will someday use this as blackmail.)
OMGosh.  Love this guy.
Of course we totally did not let Sam lead us around the zoo. 
Because three-and-a-half year olds are great with maps and directions.
Brett Kiehl.  Representin'.
And not even his first time feeding a giraffe.
Love his expression, don't you?
Yep, that rope is the only thing protecting Jane from a ferocious kangaroo attack.
I'm pretty sure Sam hugged every animal he came in contact with.
The baby goats were our favorites.  I mean, after all, they're just kids, right?
(I'm so funny.)
I forgot to mention this zoo had a super cool play structure too.  See?  It was pretty cool.
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Park in Ocotillo

Play Time Fun In Arizona
February, 2012

Sam, earning his nickname, "Ham".

"Look out below!!!!"

The girls' "castle".
Sibling snack time in the castle.
Is this not gorgeous?

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