obsess much?

So we're getting ready to remodel our master bathroom - one of the LAST (okay, nearly last) things we need to do to this house.  Well, until 5 years from now when we've been here 10 years and start all over again. I found this photo after pouring over tens of thousands of photos on this amazing app. called Houszz.  It's a ridiculous time suck, but has been so helpful in finding ideas for our bathroom.  I like this photo because it shows many of the features we'll be applying to our master.  Dark vanity cabinet, lighter quartz countertop, chrome fixtures, glass tile backsplash, square undermount sink, chrome-square sconces and dark wood framed mirrors.  Phew!
It was cool to see a photo of all our ideas coming together and see that our idea really ARE good! :)  I'm looking forward to posting before and after pictures for y'all.