Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fircrest Family Float Night

We've never participated in this event before, but since it was July, Friday-the-13th...SAM'S 4TH BIRTHDAY!!...we gave him the choice.  It was so fun!  Lots of friends and cousins were there, and we had blast.  Even when the thunder and lightening came through and we had to clear the pool deck at the beginning (ate dinner in the car), we made it fun.  Our car was backed up to our friends', the Ledesmas, and the kids had a ball laughing and dancing together.

Of course our kid is the stunt man trying to launch off the back.

Can't you just see her as a teenager, lounging around the pool?  Me too.  I hate it. :)

Sassy and fun.  Did you really expect any less?

Thank you, once again, to our awesome lifeguards who plan and execute these fun kid/family nights.  They also participate with the kids and further add to their future memories!

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