Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yep, it's official. Hell has frozen over.

I ran a 5K today. 
See what I mean?
It's COLD down there tonight.

McKenna, Me & Jenny
These two crazy-ass friends of mine made me do it.

"Take 'em down, Mom!"  Seriously?  Love it!
And here are my sweet cheerleaders with their darling signs.
I'm not sure what kind of full-contact, mommy-ninja 5K Charlotte thought I was running, but I appreciate her aggressive and encouraging comments. 
And it was lovely of Jane to put me at the front of the pack.   :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

How did she get to be 9?

Charlotte and I had a great afternoon together a few weeks ago.  First we went to the Ft. Steilacoom Park to take her "9" pictures.  There are great backdrops at the park with lots of colors and textures.  After our photo shoot, we went to Starbucks where we had fun sipping our drinks and downloading the "app of the week".  It turned out to be quite an entertaining app, and we howled and laughed the entire time.  It was a great mother-daughter day!

My friend Jenny mentioned that this ought to be Charlotte's CD cover.  I think she's right.

This one just kills me.

We found these numbers written on the side of this building. It was a date, but of course we zeroed in on the "09".

This photo seriously happened by accident.  I was checking the settings on my camera and said, "Hey, Charlotte.  Turn around for a sec."  And this is what I got.  Love it.
I don't always love pictures of my kids in B&W, but I LOVE this one!  I feel like I can look right through her eyes.

Notice how she didn't smile "with teeth" the entire time?  She's getting braces next week.  Hopefully she'll soon be more comfortable flashing her beautiful smile.
I love you Charlotte.  Please don't grow up too fast.  You still need your mommy.

Front yard make-over, phase 1

I'm afraid I cannot (for the freakin' life of me) find a "before" shot that includes the above areas, and the guys had already ripped a bunch of stuff out before I even knew they were here this morning.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhoo, Kevin, known for "The Great Wall of Kiehl" in our backyard, came by and took out the huge hedges that were on the right of the driveway and the crummy, annoying, prickly shrubs that were to the left of the driveway.  The shrubs on the right did nothing but make it hard for people to see when backing out of our driveway and block visibility for and of kids riding bikes up and down the street.

This is the view from our front porch.  Our yard seems tons bigger now and it's really lovely to see more of the orchard across the street.  I'm super glad the kids will be safer riding bikes now, and we'll definitely spruce up these corner bed this spring with some low growing "stuff".
(a.k.a. "stuff" Kevin will advise us to plant there, then plant it there.)

New Reindeer Jammies

How many years do you think we have left??

Christmas morning - 2010
Christmas morning 2009
Sam is super interested in opening up his garbage truck from Santa.  But at least he liked his Jake Locker jersey.

Sam's first Christmas 2008
My. Favorite. Picture. Ever.

Here's to a silent night!

A to the K

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Sam: Mommy, when I be a big boy, I kiss you and be married to you?

Mommy, to herself: Dear Lord, please freeze time and don't let him grow up too fast.

A to the K