Saturday, November 27, 2010

Embarrassed? A Kiehl? I don't believe it!

Brett and Jane were off running an errand yesterday, when Brett complimented Jane's singing in the car. 

Jane:  Dad, I'm embarrassed to sing in front of other people.

Dad:  Really?  You have such a beautiful voice.  Does that mean you don't want to sing in Alleluia Singers?  (The kids' choir at church.)

Jane:  Oh no, Dad.  I'd never be embarrassed to sing for God!

(Mom, later to herself when hearing this story..."Oh, Jane.  You just kill me.")

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Would you believe she's only 1 week old????

Happy Birthday Kate!!!

There's that Kiehl dimple we all know and love!

This is my new niece, Kate.  She was born only a week ago, and as you can see, she's really enjoying her new status as "real live baby."  She's a doll, and this snow is making it really difficult for her auntie to get over and see her.  It's been 2 whole days!!  Miss you sweet Kate!  See you on Thanksgiving - I'm thankful for YOU!

2010 Snow Day #1


After putting learning first -- practicing writing is the girls' favorite thing -- we got out the Christmas books, a wooden (a.k.a. childproof) Nativity and put on Christmas music and boogied around the family room.  It felt good to get our blood pumping. After that, we needed a breather, so we watched the movie "Santa Buddies."  What's cuter than a bunch of puppies that talk like humans and help Santa and Puppy Paws save Christmas?  Nothing I tell you!  Since the girls already had packed lunches, we went up to the playroom for a "carpet picnic".  Charlotte set up several stations of different games:  hopscotch, hoops, a slide and bucket stacking. Then while Sam napped, the girls worked on art creations for their new baby cousin Kate.  I'm sure they'll be wallpapering her room with masterpieces in no time (Auntie and Uncle will be thrilled).  All in all, today has been a great day with great kids!  

Teach 'em young.

See how I conveniently broke rigged arranged for the vacuum to have a short handle so only small Kiehls can use it?  That will teach Sam to throw his Cheerios and raisins onto the floor at breakfast.

At least he gives some attention to detail.  Wonder where he got that?

Oh Buddy, I think you missed a spot!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ear Piercing Rite of Passage

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After nearly 5000 2 years of waiting, Charlotte turning 8 meant she could get her ears pierced.  She wasn't sure WHEN this was actually going to occur, but I surprised her after school one day and we spontaneously picked up Auntie Chrissy, Cousin Luke & Auntie Jane - who was due with her first baby on that very day. 

We ran over to Larkin Jewlers in the North End and took some before pictures...naked ear lobe. 
Auntie Jane due with baby of unknown gender on November 9th, the end of the seemingly neverending 9 months.  (A week later, November 16th, we joyfully welcomed Cousin Kate into the world.  Kate was definitely worth the wait!!)
Charlotte perused the display of diamonds.  I don't know where she got that from?

Then she learned they had the kid "diamonds" in another section.  However, she wasn't disappointed.                                                                      

She was kinda sorta a little bit brave-ish.

And then everyone got ice cream!  Yea!!

Matching girls!!!