Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Update y'all

LOTS has happened to that previously mauve/white bathroom in 4 days!  Demo, little glitch, fixed glitch (thank you awesome plumber, Bill!), shower drain moved, sink drains moved, 4 cans dropped in the ceiling, new fan installed, 3 boxes placed for sconces, 1 outlet moved, 2 outlets created, cable and outlet installed and 2 switches moved.  Plumbing should be pretty well done by tomorrow so framing and drywall can take place next week.  Big high-five to Jon for coordinating all the efforts.  He's so great to work with and has brought in equally fabulous folks to get the job done. 

But I can't WAIT for the tiling to begin (Jon's specialty). 

It's difficult to get a good shot of this kind of stuff on the internet, but check it out...


Cherry cabinet: Style - Charlottesville, Stain - Java

                                                                                          It's hard to tell, but I think this "noce polished" is the tile we're using for the shower walls, tub deck and tub backsplash in a 12"x24" tile.  Super pretty!  This picture certainly doesn't do it justice, so you'll have to come over and see it for yourself. :)
I'm pooped from bossing people around all day.
Peace, out.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let the demo begin...

We're starting a major project today...the master bathroom remodel.  We're totally excited and equally anxious about this undertaking.  I mean, don't get me wrong...WE'RE not doing the remodel.  We're hiring professionals, however, WE'RE doing the designing and choosing of stuff, so the pressure is still on (not to mention, we write the checks).  Here are some before shots I took last night after we moved all our our crap stuff out of our space into the kids' bathroom.  Since I occupy space in the lower half of our closet, which is connected to our bathroom and will therefore be getting new flooring, I moved all my stuff into Sam's closet (thanks buddy).  Too bad my running shoes were in there this morning which meant I couldn't meet the girls at 6am for our Monday run.  (Yeah, too bad.  Zzzzzzz...)

Do you remember phone booths? Yeah, this shower is SMALLER than one of those. And if you were one of my UW Alpha Phi sorority sisters...this is SMALLER than the showers in the APhi house. The blue painters tape shows the approx. dimensions of the new shower. That left wall will be made into a "pony wall" with glass on the top half, and the doorway will be shifting to allow for the bigger space.
The toilet faces the above shower. The right wall will also become a pony wall. This shower/toilet room will become WAY brighter due to two new can lights and the pony walls allowing in natural light from the skylight (above the tub).

Our Olympic-sized tub will be replaced by a smaller, rectangular tub. Say good-bye to the mauve sinks and dressing room lighting, folks.

Picture sinks moved to the left a bit and equally centered in the new vanity. Cabinets will be dark brown (Java), sinks will be white (thank God) and rectangular. Two mirrors will be hung with 3 sconces flanking them.

Later today...
Just got home from a mind-blowing adventure in choosing (and purchasing) tile for the floor, shower and tub surround.  Thank you to our awesome, self-proclaimed, "Tile Guy" for helping me "shop".

After that, I made the final selection and purchase of the tub, sinks, faucets and shower heads/valves.

I'm pretty sure VISA will be calling any minute about "unusual activity" on my credit card this afternoon.

Demo update:
The only thing left to rip out is the vanity and mirror you see directly above.  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Of My Favorite Girls!

My darling sister and her precious daughter Maria Grace.
I love 'em both to pieces.

Fircrest Family Float Night

We've never participated in this event before, but since it was July, Friday-the-13th...SAM'S 4TH BIRTHDAY!!...we gave him the choice.  It was so fun!  Lots of friends and cousins were there, and we had blast.  Even when the thunder and lightening came through and we had to clear the pool deck at the beginning (ate dinner in the car), we made it fun.  Our car was backed up to our friends', the Ledesmas, and the kids had a ball laughing and dancing together.

Of course our kid is the stunt man trying to launch off the back.

Can't you just see her as a teenager, lounging around the pool?  Me too.  I hate it. :)

Sassy and fun.  Did you really expect any less?

Thank you, once again, to our awesome lifeguards who plan and execute these fun kid/family nights.  They also participate with the kids and further add to their future memories!

Swim lessons 2012

We can't say enough about the wonderful swim instructors/lifeguards at Fircrest Golf Course.  This was Sam's first eligible year, and he's had a blast.  Jane was in the same level as her cousin Luke, while Sam was in the same level as his cousin Maria Grace.  Charlotte is swimming on the swim team this year, so you won't see her in action in this post.  We'll get her next time.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Crazy Hat Day

Always a hit at swim lessons.

Luke, Jane, Sam & Maria Grace

A to the K

Vacation Bible School

Our church's VBS is

Thank you to the staff and members of UPPC for putting on such an incredible week. Our kids LOVED it! This year, 7 of the 8 cousins in our extended family participated (well Sam was in the nursery, which almost counts). We are a blessed family to be part of such a remarkable church and community.

Blessings all,
Brett & Annie

Sunglasses at Night

Still shot from their coreographed routine.

A to the K

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sam Skywalker Turns 4!

On Friday, July 13th, our baby boy turned four years old. Four years old! How did that happen? He's pretty quick to correct his sisters now, "I AM big, I'm FOUR YEARS OLD!"


This was the year of Star Wars.  It all started because we bought him a shirt this winter with the faces of Luke, Han, Yoda, Chewy & Leia on it.  Since then, we've watched the original 3 Star Wars movies as a family, and now the kids are hooked.

He's been taking this Storm Trooper "Guy" with him everywhere.

**Side note:  He's in his swimsuit because we went from here to the pool for the Family Float Night.  It was fun to celebrate his actual birthday with such a great event, dinner and rootbeer floats!

These Star Wars pajammas were a huge score.  They came with a yoda "muscle shirt" too.

Sam's been jealous of the girls' robes.

Well not anymore.

Darth Sammers

Pretty proud of myself here.  Costco made the Cake and did the writing.  Mom used the Force and drew her own Yoda, Darth and Lightsaber.
We continued the Star Wars theme with gold and black vinyl tablecloths and balloons.  I glued my own stars on the table and made my own "food labels" using free Star Wars fonts I downloaded from the world wide web.  We dined on Darth Dogs w/ Leia Buns, Cheese Sabers (string cheese), Patatooine Salad (potato), Darth Cheddar (Cheez-Its), Princess Lays (potato chips) & Yoda Soda (punch made w/ lime sherbet & 7-up).

We had a great time celebrating the little man and can't believe we've already sped through 4 years.
Sam, you bring us such joy, laughter & great "Sam-isms".  You're a sweet, smart, handsome, loving boy.  You are tremendously loved and cherished by your mom, dad and sisters.  Thank you for bringing Star Wars into our home.

Love, Mom