Friday, May 18, 2012

Quality Time

Remember awhile back I mentioned I had a "hall pass"?  Well, here's the story...
For my birthday, my totally wonderfulhandsomeawesomelovelybrilliantdidImentionhandsome husband gave me a ticket to fly down to California and visit my bestie, Shah.  (Don't worry, round trip.  He expected me to come back.)  Shah and I were super excited to get to spend a long weekend together and catch up, but we soon realized that, what with her 4 girls ages 2-7, we wouldn't get SOLID catch up time.  So thanks to HER wonderfulhandsomeawesomelovelybrilliantdidImentionhandsome
husband, also named Brett, we skipped town and drove to Palm Desert for 3 days of sun and solitude.  The whole weekend was exactly what I had hoped for.  I spent the first night at Shah's, getting to visit with her precious family, seeing their latest remodeling of their gorgeous home.  Then I had 3 days with my friend to laugh, truly talk, soak up the sun, and laugh some more.  And finally spent one more night with her family before flying back to snuggle mine.  Thank you Bretts x2 for a wonderful weekend of restoration and relaxation.

A lovely Mother's Day

After hearing the girls sing at church, we headed over to Gig Harbor for brunch at my mother-in-law's house.  It was so great to sit outside and visit while sipping coffee and scarfing down nibbling a delicious slice of cheesecake.  Once we got home, my family showered me with beautiful cards, some homemade, which actually had me tearing up (remember, I don't cry), and I opened some wonderful gifts.   Next, the girls did a stellar cleaning of their room (UNREAL!), and I hung out with Brett on the couch watching golf.  Yes, I enjoy that.  Brett picked up some take out for dinner, also my choice, and we finished up a very relaxing day.  We even remembered to record it with a family photo out at Nancy's!  Thank you, my family, for spoiling me rotten.  I love being your mom.

Thursday, May 3, 2012