Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dude. This is my mom I tell you!!

Susie's First Target

So my mom has taken up a new hobby.  It's a hobby of my dad's which he's "revisiting" from his "youth".  Check her out.  And I always thought my "bad-assness" was from my dad.  Hmmmmmm...

See Dad's commentary below:

Category: 38 Special
Shooter: Doyle Hughes
Posted: Apr 11, 2011
After 30 yrs, I have just returned to shooting and reloading; and my 'first-grade teacher' / prim and proper wife has decided to join me at the range......... Welcher's Gun Shop, Tacoma, WA, helped her pick out an old S&W 38 Spl, 4" - in mint condition; and her - "first-time shooting ever", she shot the **** out of the 15 yd target...... attached...... ;) So very PROUD !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break Family Field Trip!!

We had a FANTASTIC day in downtown Tacoma today.  It was a sunny 58 degree spring day in the PNW, and I had planned a surprise adventure day for the kids' last day of Spring Break.  After all three saw the dentist (all got smiling reports - pun intended), we headed downtown to Freighthouse Square.  Now there's not much to it, mostly food options, but we visited a little Lego distributor.  They have a couple tables of Legos that the kids had fun building with.  Our friends Julie and Joey (18mo.) Kerkof joined us, and we had so much fun with them.  I'm sure they were fully entertained by our "Kiehl craziness".  And this was just our FIRST stop...

We left Freighthouse Square and boarded the "train", (Link light rail).  We rode down by the UW Tacoma.  At this point everyone needed nourishment, so we hit Subway.  Delish!  Afterward, we crossed the street to Union Station and followed the beautiful Chihuly Bridge of Glass over to the Museum of Glass.  We all really enjoyed visiting the Hot Shop where the artists were making a pitcher.  It was SO COOL!!!  The exhibits where also very interesting (no photography allowed, alas!).  I especially loved the exhibit that shows art drawn by children that glass artists have then rendered into a sculpture.  They usually had a plaque displaying the child artist's name and explanation of the piece.  It was a kick!

Our final destination was the "Cupcake Factory" (hello, cupcake).  It was wonderful as always to head home with a pure sugar high.  We even brought one home for Dad since he had to work today and miss the fun (boo!!).  I think Sam liked his.  Do you?  Oh yeah, and did I mention we'd gone to the dentist this morning?  Don't tell Dr. Beck where we've been!!

Then we headed back to the car on the train once more.  The little guys did a great job despite missing their naps.  Of course the girls had to do some posing while awaiting the train.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kiehl/Brubaker movie night

Hey - it's spring break, so why not? Watching Tangled with popcorn and cookies and great friends!