Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of 2nd Grade

Could I believe it was raining this morning, August 31st, the first day of school? Well, it's somewhat plausible. Could I believe my firstborn lovechild was heading off to 2nd grade? Heck no!!!!
However, I was pleased she woke up in a great mood, made her bed, got dressed in her "first day" outfit, and got her things in order all without being asked. If you ask me, this kid should have been born in the mid-70's like me so she could have been in school in the 80's, also like me. Many of you know she's responsible for bringing back the side-ponytail last year, and as you can see, her current style is very 80's inspired. If she were only old enough for that pastel pink lipstick I too coveted at her age! She's a doll and I hope you'll say a little prayer for her as she navigates the world of friendship ups and downs, academic achievements and challenges, and learning to make her own decisions despite what others are doing. Have fun Charlotte!!!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Kiehl Quote of the Day

So this is Jane, our 4 1/2 year old. To say she can be hysterical, is an understatement. If you spend any time at all with her, you can attest to that. She's also such a sweetie and is always trying to help others. The other day in the car I asked her, "Jane, when you grow up, can I live with you?" She replied, in a nice voice, "No." "No?" I said. "I can't live with you when you grow up?" In the sweetest, most matter-of-fact voice she said, "No. But you can still be my mother!"

Okay Jane. I will be.

Cousin Beach Day!!!!!!

Beach @ TOA

We had a GREAT day at the beach down at TOA, near Titlow.  My sister, Christine, and her husband Kirk, are members at TOA, so they can use the private beach ANY time.  It's mostly sand so the kids had a great time playing together, all 8 of them.  Our brother Sean was there which was great fun as well.  We all packed picnics, well, Sonic packed ours, and enjoyed the sun on our last day before school starts. 

My sister Christine & Me
Well, we were having a great time until all the kids were huddled around my nephew, Luke (5), and were shouting, "Luke's bleeding!"  We didn't think it was a big deal since he wasn't crying, but that's just because the kid is SO tough!!  Blood was actually dripping off his heel and he was cool as a cucumber.  As we were washing the wound with the hose, we noticed something sticking out of it.  I pulled out a 1 in. x nothing, razor sharp, thin piece of shell that was stuck in there sideways.  He handled it like a champ!

Our brother Sean and his son Evan (3)
The Super-Amazing Luke Lackermayer!!!!!

So we cleaned him up and Christine took him over to the doctor's office to get it irrigated and properly bandage.  He's a trouper!!!
For you amateur photographers...nice example of
"rule of thirds", right?  Horizontally AND vertically!
Uh huh.

Thank you Lackermayers for having the Hughes and Kiehl families to your private, fun, sandy, sunny BEACH!!

Joey (5 1/2), Luke (5), Sam (2), Charlotte (7 5/6), Uncle Sean (32 11/12),
Jane (4 1/2), Evan (3), Maria Grace (2 1/2) & Claire (7 1/2)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kiehl Quote of the Day

Charlotte:  "So Dad?  Will you still pay for my college if I go to Wazzu?"

Brett:  "Sure.  If you don't get in anywhere else."

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mother-in law of the YEAR!!!

Follow up to the "Chased by the police" post...

So I could honestly post this every week, if not every day.  (I know, get a shovel.)  Anyhow, while my MIL watched my peeps, I got to shop for bedding stuff at Bell. Square today.  While they were hangin', she took the kids to the DOL place in Gig Harbor, bought my new tabs, (I paid her back) and took the kids to Sonic for lunch (I didn't pay her back), then the Tot Lot in Fircrest.  Yeah.  She rocks.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Bark for Sark!

Chased by the police!

Apparently there's this really hot mom driving around in a Honda minivan full of kids, rocking out to the Glee soundtrack, who looks extremely menacing.  I'm sure she's armed with loaded sippy cups, Desitin, and threatening looks, but seriously...did the Fircrest PD have to pull me over TWICE today??
So this morning we were killing the errands list:  Goodwill drop off, bank ATM drive thru, Target, library, etc.  Then on our way to meet the darling Stefanie Johnson for lunch, I see lights behind me so I pull into the Home Depot on Center St.  Hmmmm...I wasn't on my phone, not even texting, I know I was driving the aggravating 25 MPH down Regents Blvd., I don't think any of my children are hanging out of an open window, so what the hell? 
FPD:  "Did you know your tabs have expired?"
Think, Annie, think. 
Me:  "Uh, no.  Come to think of it, we never received our little reminder card in the mail."
FPD:  "They expired June 30th."
Me:  "Oh."  (Well what else was I going to say?)
So he got my info, gave me the green citation form and said as long as I get the tabs w/in 15 days, I can take the citation to the court in Fircrest and they'll let it go (minus the admin. fee).  Okay fine.  We still met Stef in time.
On our way home, we stopped in to get the tabs.  Unfortunately there were signs that said NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS, so I gave up as my checkbook was at home.
After cruising, 25 MPH, back up Regents Blvd. toward home, what should I see behind me but those pretty flashing lights and a blip of the siren.  You've GOT to be kidding me.  So I pull over, AGAIN, and as the different officer approaches the car, I dangle the green citation form out the window and say, "Why you're the second one today!"  He laughed and said, "Maybe I should just call everybody and have them on the lookout for you."
Ha.  Ha.
Guess I'll have to wait until Monday to get those tabs.  I'd better be good in the meantime...

Kiehl Quote of the day

Mind you, she's only "almost 8", and as Brett will say when reading this, "she is your daughter", however, you have to admit she is well trained. 
"I only like to get purses from two places.  Coach and the Dollar Store."
When good taste clashes with your innate obsession with finding the best deal.