Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Editing Photos

So I've been playing around in Picasa, my photo editor.  By trial and error, and by friends' trials and errors, I've been able to figure out how to create collages so that my pictures line up better in my posts.  Plus, I can define them with the grid lines.  I think this really helps them stand out. 

Today's fun adventure has been figuring out how to make my own "watermark". That's what real photographers "stamp" onto their photos to show ownership of them. What do you think?
I ALSO learned how to retouch using Picasa, so I could "wipe" Sam's nose, and take the ketchup streak off Jane's chin. Totally awwwwwe-some! I also played with some effects to dial up or down colors, B&W effects, and soft focus.

It's certainly not perfect, but I'm learning a ton and having fun.  THAT's the point.

And stay tuned as my new Speed Light arrived on Thursday and I'll be shooting with it tonight.  The kids are already SO over their "Mamarazzi".

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Danika said...

I love it Annie! I like your watermark tons!!! If your kids are over it, you can use our family as subjects, we love your photos, and need some new family photos:)

grace said...

cute photos! don't you have photoshop though?

rachel said...

yay! love love love that first picture of janey. too cute!