Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day got off to a great start when we met Grandma & Grandpa Cukamo and Grannie at church.  Charlotte's choir sang a beautiful song called, "From All Generations".  They sang it with Cantate, the women's choir, and were accompanied by both the piano and the bell choir.  Charlotte is on the left in the second row. 

Then we all headed to the Fircrest Golf Course where we encountered many friends and an AMAZING brunch.  My favorite meal is breakfast, and boy did I get my fill!  I think Brett rolled me out of there in a food-coma.  They started out by bringing us little fruit bowls in dry ice.  Isn't it pretty?  My dad was warning the kids not to put their fingers in it or they'd get burned.  Do you think Sam is listening? 
However, Jane looks terrified. :)

With these dishes on every table the room had a very ethereal look to it. 
Extremely elegant.

My dear friend, and fellow "mamarazzi", SuLee, took this photo of us out by the course.  She even stopped mid-shoot to come over and fixed my hair, the girls' hair, etc.  She's such an anal-retentive OCD'er perfectionist, which is only ONE of the jillion reasons I love her so. ;)
My little family I love so much.  How am I old enough to have these big kids?
DO NOT answer that!

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Great family photo! Way to go SuLee...momtographer extraordinaire!