Saturday, May 28, 2011

You really had to be there.

I only say that because I'm not sure I can do this story justice.

So there we were at the Mariner game. It was pretty slow going, well, until the randoms started. The first guy hopped over the rail right next to us (behind 3rd base) and made it half way to center field before being full-on tackled by 3 security guys. Then the cops came, cuffed him, and led him off the field kicking his feet like he was dancing a freakin' jig.

After a little while, the 2nd guy ran out, though we're not sure of his access point. He too, was rocked in center field.

Oh think that's it? Oh heck no. Remember in "The Hangover" when the guy jumps out of the trunk of the car? Yeah, that buck naked guy? That was our 3rd entertainer of the night. BUCK A$$ naked. That drunken nutball (pardon the puns), entered via the 1st baseline, so yep, we got FULL FRONTAL people. Oh my gosh. He made it to 2nd base where he was LAID OUT by 4 security dudes. And we're not talking outfield grass, folks. This was the infield people! They shielded him until someone came out with some towels which they somehow put around him. Right before they got him off the field, he shimmied his way out of the towels. Classic.

The game went 12 innings and the M's won. Best game I've ever been to. Wait. Who were we playing?

This was the 4th guy. SO not as funny, but just as drunk.

And the funniest part?
Brett almost took Charlotte.

A to the K


Rosetta said...

This is a funny, funny recollection. Love that you have this blog. Your kids are adorable, by the way. And, finally, I'm so glad the Mariners win a few.

rachel said...

that is awesome. bet you're glad you got your eyes fixed, huh?

Jenny said...

So so so funny! I can only imagine what Charlotte would have said if she was there with Brett. Oh my!