Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sam goes to Preschool!

Monday was a big day for Sam.  It was FINALLY his turn to go to school.  He's attending the same preschool the girls did, Sunset Christian Preschool.  It's conveniently located at our church, less than two miles from our house.  For weeks Sam's been waking up, asking me, "I go to preschool today?"  To which I'd reply, "No bud.  We have three more weeks."  Then he'd say, "So, tomorrow?"  Yes folks, it was a long three weeks. :)

So far, his favorite things are cooking in the kitchen, painting and playing on the playground.  There are only eight kids in his class at this point, which is nice for getting to know each other.

We're so happy for Sam and thrilled he's having such a great time.

These two are super adorable, and super difficult to photograph.  :)
Sam and his good buddy, Taylor.
First day photo on the porch
Trifecta!  He looked at the camera, opened his eyes AND smiled at the same time.  A small miracle.

He's ready!

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