Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gooooooooooooo Huskies!

Last weekend we took the kids to the Husky game at Century Link Field (for those of you living under a rock, Rachel, Husky Stadium is being fully renovated).  It was a GORGEOUS day and we had such a fun time.  We all chowed on hot dogs outside the stadium before the game, then enjoyed a few treats while cheering the boys on to victory (more like, a butt-kicking victory).  We also enjoyed spending time with Grandpa Kiehl and Uncle Ward - which is always a bonus.  We just love getting to do this together as a family.  Just one of our many, special traditions. 

Go Dawgs!

People have been telling me Jane is my Mini-me.  Okay, I see it now.
Brett has a Mini-me too!

I have no idea what this means.  Husky roar?

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rachel said...

Wait, so the Huskies played the Seahawks? I don't understand. :P