Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day of School!!

I'm a little behind, but oh well.  We're about to start week 8 of the bathroom remodel (almost done!), and I've had lots of PTA stuff to do at the girls' school.  Phew!  We're recouping today in this beautiful sunshine:  Me, a 10 mi. run in Leschi along Lake Washington with my buddy Ward; Brett, with 9 holes of golf practice before his big round tomorrow; the kids (and me), at the new church playground, followed up by Slurpees.  Boo yah!

Charlotte is quite thrilled for 4th grade.  She's now at the top of the totem pole and enjoying every minute and privilege associated with being BMOC.  Her teacher is Mrs. Swanson, whom she'd been hoping for.

First grade Jane is PUMPED to have Mrs. Bacon this year.  Charlotte had Mrs. Bacon for 1st AND 2nd grade and we LOVE us some Mrs. Bacon!  Both girls have at least one BFF in their class, so needless to say, NO DRAMA (yet).

Of course Sam thought HE was going to school too, but alas, he doesn't start until the 10th.  He's pretty pumped to begin preschool, so stay tuned for this weeks pics.

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