Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mom's Birthday

My dear friend, who will remain nameless at this time, (so I don't blow a future surprise for anyone else) made me this darling apron for my birthday.  It's actually reversible!  It's totally incredible and I can't believe she did this for me.  Thank you friend.  I love it.

Another one of my dear friends, actually, one of my "besties" as she would say, made me this AWESOME camera strap cover.  My pictures don't do it ANY justice.  It's totally beautiful and SOOO comfortable.  Thanks Rachel!!! 

I received this beautiful piece of Polish pottery from my mom and dad this year.  My mom has sort of been collecting pieces, and she was sweet enough to pick one up for me!!  Since my dishes are white with two blue stripes around the outside (Dansk Concerto), this bowl matches perfectly.  Thank you!

Charlotte took this picture of Brett & I on my birthday.  I love it.


SuLee said...

I love your new pictures! All of you are adorable! And i hope your apron friend is one of mine too, otherwise you need to spill the beans privately to me. :-)

rachel said...

Don't know who made you that apron either, but a) it's adorable and b) MY birthday is coming up too.


Janene said...

Props to Charlotte on the photo of you two!