Monday, January 17, 2011

Look out! I'm feeling crafty...

Robert Allen Cats Cradle

Premiere Prints Amsterdam-Birch

It must be contagious.  I just ordered a BUNCH of fabric from Fabric Guru.  I just found this site while surfing the world.wide.web and saw they have the CUTEST prints.  Check out the "Contemporarty/Retro" prints.  And one of the best things, beside the price I mean, is they have a flat $5 shipping rate for ALL THE FABRIC YOU WANT.  I got some cute stuff.  Wait until you see how crafty I'm going to be.  Now where on the web can I buy some free-time?

Premiere Prints LuLu

Premiere Prints Crowing

See?  Cute, huh?


Grace said...

yeah. SUPER cute! i like the blue and white one the best.

Jenny said...

So, what are you making???