Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Super Snow Day

Even Dad was home today because of the Snowpocalypse which is evidently not over with.  We were thrilled to see him home when we woke up, along with 4-6 in. of the white stuff.

We quickly donned our snow gear and headed to "the hill".  Curran Lane is an awesome place to sled, but don't try to drive your car up it after everyone's compacted the snow.  (Don't know that I'll be getting to work tomorrow.  Might have to bribe 23 y.o. neighbor with beer to drive me in his 4x4 jeep.)

Here are some photos of our last few days in the snow.  Sam loved it when we'd hit him with a snowball and he'd "timber" to the ground.  He was pretty funny.  He also preferred destroying snowmen to building them.  I know.  Shocker.

It took both adults to pick up the middle of the snowman and place him on the lower ball.

Yeah?  What's it to ya?

Snow glow

23 y.o. neighbor mentioned above.  And yes, I let him take my son down the hill like that.  What?  He was wearing a helmet!

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SuLee said...

Yeah for snow fun!