Monday, December 12, 2011

Front yard make-over, phase 1

I'm afraid I cannot (for the freakin' life of me) find a "before" shot that includes the above areas, and the guys had already ripped a bunch of stuff out before I even knew they were here this morning.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhoo, Kevin, known for "The Great Wall of Kiehl" in our backyard, came by and took out the huge hedges that were on the right of the driveway and the crummy, annoying, prickly shrubs that were to the left of the driveway.  The shrubs on the right did nothing but make it hard for people to see when backing out of our driveway and block visibility for and of kids riding bikes up and down the street.

This is the view from our front porch.  Our yard seems tons bigger now and it's really lovely to see more of the orchard across the street.  I'm super glad the kids will be safer riding bikes now, and we'll definitely spruce up these corner bed this spring with some low growing "stuff".
(a.k.a. "stuff" Kevin will advise us to plant there, then plant it there.)


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