Monday, October 17, 2011


I have to write these down before I forget.  Jane just recently learned about "porta-potties" while were were playing at a park  We've never really used the word "potty" so I see how she got a bit confused when a couple weeks later we were at another park with a porta-potty.  She told me she needed to go to the bathroom,  and while pointing she said, "See Mom!  They have a "teeter-tottie"!"

The kids love hand sanitizer and each have a little bottle clipped to their backpacks.  I also keep a pump bottle in the car because we never know where we may find ourselves.  Any how, Jane must be like me and have no patience for inefficient use of time or energy. 
That is why I LOVE that Jane calls it -- "hanitizer". 

I hope she never stops.

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Anonymous said...

Hanitizer is the BEST name for it. Let's make it an "everybodyism"!