Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cheering on the Pilots

It was an awesome day to enjoy a 9 o'clock baseball game.  Usually I hope for an 11 or noon game so the weather has a chance to improve, but it was gorgeous this morning and Charlotte did an awesome job playing catcher and left field.  Of course, for Charlotte it's more about how she'll accessorize her uniform and what creative hair-do she'll create.  Today was no exception. 
She was the prettiest catcher you've ever seen.  ;)

Can you spot me in this shot??
I had fun using my zoom lens today.  I was really trying to work on my action shots and using shutter speed to stop motion.  I also played with flash, flash compensation and exposure compensation.  Just trying to practice some of the stuff I learned in class a few weeks ago.

Sometimes I forget to watch the game because I'm so entertained by Sam and his antics.
"The name's Sam Kiehl, and I've got a juice box.  What's it to ya?"           Looks like Sam is signaling the players.

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rachel said...

these are the kind of days baseball is meant for!

Anonymous said...

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