Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rounding out September 2010

Yes, his future is bright.  What I wasn't fast enough to capture was the huge straw hat with a sunflower attached to it which he was wearing mere seconds before I grabbed the camera.  When you're cool, you're just cool.  Period.

Charlotte lost another tooth, though not the one we expected to come out next.  I don't think she expected it either, but that's what you get when you put your stuffed dog's "leash" in your mouth and your sister grabs the dog to take it away from you. Ooops.  "What did we tell you about putting things in your mouth!!!???"

The girls graciously helped Brett begin work on the raking up the #$*+#&=<#*&^% 50 million leaves that fall every year from our 2 ginormous maples in the backyard.  They raked the leaves and filled up the 2 yard waste bins in no time.  Brett said this allowed him to mend part of our dilapidated fence, and he never even touched a leaf.  And the real surprising thing is no one ever asked for monetary compensation for their efforts. They just had a great time working together and helping out their dad. 
What was I doing while they were slaving away in the yard?   
                                                           Mind your own business.                                                              

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Rachel said...

"mind your own business" you make me laugh, annie kiehl