Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Sabbath Day Yard Project

Doyle & Brett
So the title is a bit of a joke because we had lined up this project with my dad's help for Sunday, but prior to getting to work, we attended church and our friend Aaron preached on the importance of honoring the Sabbath in an effort to restore our souls in this busy world we live in. He did say it's okay to work as long as it isn't burdensome and makes you happy (as in a hobby, maybe?). This project wasn't too burdensome, and it did make us really happy to have the work done. We've been wanting to pull out this hedge for some time. It's literally dying from the inside out, and we wanted to do something a bit different with the whole area which is right off our front porch and in our front living room window.

Doyle - project manager extraordinaire
My dad and Brett had things pretty well rigged up to pull 5-6 parts of the hedge out, and also yanked 5 rose bushes that were gnarly looking things. I'm excited to redesign and plant this area for my "Garden Fairies" (Brett's mom and Aunt Pat) to see this and start planning out the landscaping. Thanks ladies...I'll write the check. :)

Sorry I forgot a "before" picture, but here's the after.
Let the Garden Fairies begin!!!
We did a lot of other yard clean up and the trailer was OVERFLOWING.  (And yes, I said "we". I was out there getting dirty too.)  Thanks to Grandma for hanging with the kids and to Grandpa for his yard help and for taking all the yard waste to the dump.  You're both the BEST!

And Aaron, we're totally "Sabbathing" today. 
Is it okay to use as a verb?
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