Monday, August 30, 2010

Cousin Beach Day!!!!!!

Beach @ TOA

We had a GREAT day at the beach down at TOA, near Titlow.  My sister, Christine, and her husband Kirk, are members at TOA, so they can use the private beach ANY time.  It's mostly sand so the kids had a great time playing together, all 8 of them.  Our brother Sean was there which was great fun as well.  We all packed picnics, well, Sonic packed ours, and enjoyed the sun on our last day before school starts. 

My sister Christine & Me
Well, we were having a great time until all the kids were huddled around my nephew, Luke (5), and were shouting, "Luke's bleeding!"  We didn't think it was a big deal since he wasn't crying, but that's just because the kid is SO tough!!  Blood was actually dripping off his heel and he was cool as a cucumber.  As we were washing the wound with the hose, we noticed something sticking out of it.  I pulled out a 1 in. x nothing, razor sharp, thin piece of shell that was stuck in there sideways.  He handled it like a champ!

Our brother Sean and his son Evan (3)
The Super-Amazing Luke Lackermayer!!!!!

So we cleaned him up and Christine took him over to the doctor's office to get it irrigated and properly bandage.  He's a trouper!!!
For you amateur photographers...nice example of
"rule of thirds", right?  Horizontally AND vertically!
Uh huh.

Thank you Lackermayers for having the Hughes and Kiehl families to your private, fun, sandy, sunny BEACH!!

Joey (5 1/2), Luke (5), Sam (2), Charlotte (7 5/6), Uncle Sean (32 11/12),
Jane (4 1/2), Evan (3), Maria Grace (2 1/2) & Claire (7 1/2)

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Corrie Hall said...

That's so great that you could all get together and enjoy the day. You all have quite a cute bunch of kids. It must be nice to have them all so close in age. Best wishes to you all. Good luck with school.