Friday, August 27, 2010

Chased by the police!

Apparently there's this really hot mom driving around in a Honda minivan full of kids, rocking out to the Glee soundtrack, who looks extremely menacing.  I'm sure she's armed with loaded sippy cups, Desitin, and threatening looks, but seriously...did the Fircrest PD have to pull me over TWICE today??
So this morning we were killing the errands list:  Goodwill drop off, bank ATM drive thru, Target, library, etc.  Then on our way to meet the darling Stefanie Johnson for lunch, I see lights behind me so I pull into the Home Depot on Center St.  Hmmmm...I wasn't on my phone, not even texting, I know I was driving the aggravating 25 MPH down Regents Blvd., I don't think any of my children are hanging out of an open window, so what the hell? 
FPD:  "Did you know your tabs have expired?"
Think, Annie, think. 
Me:  "Uh, no.  Come to think of it, we never received our little reminder card in the mail."
FPD:  "They expired June 30th."
Me:  "Oh."  (Well what else was I going to say?)
So he got my info, gave me the green citation form and said as long as I get the tabs w/in 15 days, I can take the citation to the court in Fircrest and they'll let it go (minus the admin. fee).  Okay fine.  We still met Stef in time.
On our way home, we stopped in to get the tabs.  Unfortunately there were signs that said NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS, so I gave up as my checkbook was at home.
After cruising, 25 MPH, back up Regents Blvd. toward home, what should I see behind me but those pretty flashing lights and a blip of the siren.  You've GOT to be kidding me.  So I pull over, AGAIN, and as the different officer approaches the car, I dangle the green citation form out the window and say, "Why you're the second one today!"  He laughed and said, "Maybe I should just call everybody and have them on the lookout for you."
Ha.  Ha.
Guess I'll have to wait until Monday to get those tabs.  I'd better be good in the meantime...


Jenny Lau Bradbury said...

Love that you killed the errands today! At least you have a few things off your list as you add the tabs!

Even more, I LOVE that you started the blog and vow to visit often! XOXO

Carol said...

I love you Annie Kiehl! Now I can "hear" you speak everyday. Love it!