Friday, August 17, 2012

Sister Swap Sleepover

Our girls are besties with these awesome sister chicks named, Kira & Elke (and their mom is one of MY besties).  So we often do play date swaps.  Twice this summer, they've all been delighted when we've done SLEEPOVER SWAPS.  Super fun!  Last time, we had Charlotte & Kira at our house. But yesterday, we had "the twins". 

Jane & Elke used to have matching blond bobs.  They've always gone to the same school/preschool and often get mistaken for each other, even though Elke is one grade ahead of Jane.  Now that they have "grown up girl hair"...well...not much has changed. :)

They had a ball last night swimming, eating dinner, having a movie night (Enchanted) and even let Sam tag along a bit. Right now, (1:18 pm the next day) they're in dress up riding scooters in the driveway.

The twins.  Elke 7, Jane 6.5

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