Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great job ladies!!!!!

After attending two wonderful conferences for the girls yesterday, we decided to celebrate with sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses.  The girls thought this was so grown up!
Of course, after all the accolades, toasts, etc., Janey went to clear her plate and plowed her 1/4 full champagne glass right over and it shattered into a gagillion sticky pieces. 
The dinner time clean up took a few extra minutes, needless to say. 
Good thing my wine glass was empty.  :)

Last night we were very thankful for 2 happy girls, 4 wonderful teachers and our fantastic school!!


SuLee said...

Congratulations to all three of you...two for listening and obeying and to the 'one' who taught them to do both! xoxo

Christine said...

So now I know what to get the girls for Christmas...PLASTIC champagne flutes!! HA!

charlotte kiehl said...