Monday, September 26, 2011

Barely Avoided Stitches

So there we were, minding our own business, having a lovely dinner with my brother's family over, and Sam decided to ride his trike over an embankment into the orchard.  Actually, into the fence IN the orchard.  My brother immediately scooped him up, and brought him to me.  Sam's mouth was already full of blood and his hands were covered in it.  Yuck.  We got the bleeding to stop, fed him some Ibuprofen, and headed to Urgent Care.  But you know what?  Urgent Care closes at 5pm on Sunday.  What 3 year old boy hurts himself before 5pm?  NONE!!!  Initially I though he could use a stitch or two inside his lower lip, but after stopping by the fire department (Uncle Kirk hooked us up with A shift), and getting his wounds cleaned out, we decided to forgo an ER visit and keep an eye on it.  He was the cutest fat-lipped, bloody faced boy you've ever met.  He asked the fire fighters if they had a dog, if they'd seen Toy Story 1 and if they wanted a pull off his bloody sippy cup.  The guys at UPFD were so nice and helpful, and as you can see, Sam is no worse for wear this morning. 

A to the K

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Rosetta said...

Thank goodness for little boys....and the moms who almost lose their minds over the adventurous types.