Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dude. This is my mom I tell you!!

Susie's First Target

So my mom has taken up a new hobby.  It's a hobby of my dad's which he's "revisiting" from his "youth".  Check her out.  And I always thought my "bad-assness" was from my dad.  Hmmmmmm...

See Dad's commentary below:

Category: 38 Special
Shooter: Doyle Hughes
Posted: Apr 11, 2011
After 30 yrs, I have just returned to shooting and reloading; and my 'first-grade teacher' / prim and proper wife has decided to join me at the range......... Welcher's Gun Shop, Tacoma, WA, helped her pick out an old S&W 38 Spl, 4" - in mint condition; and her - "first-time shooting ever", she shot the **** out of the 15 yd target...... attached...... ;) So very PROUD !


rachel said...

hey we know some welchers! small world! susie get your gun!

Susie said...

Watch yer backs, pardners...Susie is loaded and dangerous! Well, actually Susie IS loaded but the gun is empty...hic!

SuLee said...

First a tatoo and now a gun! are my kind of gal! Way to go!

Jenny said...

That's just plain awesome! Your parents are the coolest...they make wine, get tattoos, shoot guns...retirement is either the good life, or they're getting ready to rob some convenience stores! Either way, I'm sure they'll have fun!