Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 Snow Day #1


After putting learning first -- practicing writing is the girls' favorite thing -- we got out the Christmas books, a wooden (a.k.a. childproof) Nativity and put on Christmas music and boogied around the family room.  It felt good to get our blood pumping. After that, we needed a breather, so we watched the movie "Santa Buddies."  What's cuter than a bunch of puppies that talk like humans and help Santa and Puppy Paws save Christmas?  Nothing I tell you!  Since the girls already had packed lunches, we went up to the playroom for a "carpet picnic".  Charlotte set up several stations of different games:  hopscotch, hoops, a slide and bucket stacking. Then while Sam napped, the girls worked on art creations for their new baby cousin Kate.  I'm sure they'll be wallpapering her room with masterpieces in no time (Auntie and Uncle will be thrilled).  All in all, today has been a great day with great kids!  

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